PSALM 95:6-7 [Passion Translation]

“Come and kneel before this Creator-God; Come and bow before the mighty God, our majestic Maker!  For we are the lovers He cares for and He is the God we worship! So drop everything else and listen to His voice!”

What are you carrying? All of us carry things… good and bad things, heavy and light things.  Throughout life we often take on the weight of so much we were never meant to carry in the first place.

As we get closer to conference I would love to encourage you to take some time and think of what you tend to always carry, and how often you worship while still holding on. 

I love this Psalm because it paints such a beautiful picture of what stepping into the presence of God should look like. It’s not always easy to let go of what we’ve been holding, but it is always worth it.

When we come into His presence and drop everything just to worship, and hear His voice, all we have left are open hands…. open hands ready to receive whatever He has for us. So let go of the weight you've been carrying, and make way for the weight of heaven.

Andrew Holt // Worship Pastor

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