Isaiah 66: 1-3 [MSG]

“Heaven’s my throne, earth is my footstool.  What sort of house could you build for me?  What holiday spot reserve for me?  I made all this! I own all this!”
God’s Decree.  “But there is something I’m looking for:  a person simple and plain,  reverently responsive to what I say."

Heaven is my throne! God is reminding us of who He is. He is so awesome in power! How can we ever contain Him? How could we ever deserve Him?!

Yet He asks us… what place have we prepared for Him. He doesn’t want man-made structures. He is not impressed by that. In fact, there’s nothing that we can make for Him that could even begin to contain the Greatness of His Presence. He doesn’t want a physical temple. He’s too amazing for that! 

But he loves to reside in the heart that is humble. The heart that knows of his need of Him. One who simply trusts in Him like a child. One who fears Him and loves Him with all of his heart. 

…and a heart that says “yes dad, anything you want, I’ll do it for You”!

I want God to find His home in me. It’s pretty easy to be His best friend. It has nothing to do with what we can DO for Him. It’s about your heart… in fact, it’s always been about your heart.

Joy Starling // Connect Groups Pastor

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