Matthew 6:11 [NIV]

“Give us today, our daily bread

Why is it when Jesus teaches us how to pray, he mentions the word “day” then “daily” sequentially. Why not just say, “…give us this day our bread?” The word “day” refers to our typical length of time of twenty four hours. Yet when it comes to the word “daily,” no-one really knows the exact meaning of this rare word. Preferentially it means “bread that is fit or necessary to live for the day.” Yet what is that ? Put alongside other words of Jesus, we see that He calls himself the living bread (John 6:35). We also know that the Israelites were provided a bread-like substance in the wilderness­­-manna. Both of these “breads” are one and the same thing, and come from above-it is super above bread-sent from heaven! 

So, while you’re eating your breakfast bagel, think about this today-your bread alone is not enough to live off. It needs to be “daily” bread-the very essence of Jesus who comes from above. It needs to be a fresh word from God’s mouth, baked just for today. Bread is to be experienced. There’s something of Jesus that is supernatural for you to taste and see from heaven today. Ask for it. Believe for something “above” your normal routine. He has spoken and he is speaking. Just as bread takes time to rise, take time now with the Holy Spirit !

Paul Bergin // Pastor

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