Colossians 2:6 [NIV]

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him!” 

How did you receive Jesus? By faith, right? So AS you have received Him, walk IN Him! BY FAITH. We know we were saved by faith, but be honest with yourself; there is a subtle thought that we are “incomplete” and we strive to “be good” for Him. This is exactly the lie Satan wants us to live by - faith plus a little bit of works - trying to gain our righteousness. 

Colossian 2:9-10: says “For in Jesus dwells ALL of the FULLNESS of the Godhead in the body. And IN Christ, YOU have been brought to FULLNESS!”  When Jesus, by the power of Holy Spirit, came to dwell in you, ALL of the fullness of God came in. You are COMPLETE IN HIM! You don’t need to “do more” to “get more” of God. As you began - BY FAITH- draw near in confidence, abiding and yielding to all He is IN you. Let the simplicity of The Anointed One and His anointing invade and bring freedom, strengthening your faith and increasing your thankfulness. Holy Spirit is absolutely crazy about you and Jesus in you, and He loves bringing you from glory to glory!!

Missy Crosson // Pastor

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